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Mine to take whenever, wherever, and however I want…


    Mine to take whenever, wherever, and however I want…

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    there’s just something about watching a man stroke his cock that makes me audibly moan…


    Ummm, yeah… What she said like whoa.


    Ok so I’m reblogging this again because there’s nothing sexier then when a man touches himself and cums.
    Bonus points if they moan loudly!

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Well that looks rather lovely…


    Well that looks rather lovely…

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    I hate how a couple of exam papers depend where you will be placed for the next few years

    Heres where we realise that, “no, we dont make our life decisions, we let society make them for us. We are but merely under ther impression that we are living out our life by choosing the next school, the next job,car and house.”

    To the original quote: 

    Why, because it’s difficult and it’s easier to complain?

    One can either break the system, or do well in it. If you do not want exam papers to determine your life, then stop the thinking that it will determine where you will be placed for the next few years. By thinking this, you are essentially buying into the system, propagating the very thing that you hate. Take the initiative to create something of your own. A business, or an idea.  

    Otherwise, do well within the confines of the system - do the exams well. Also, it is not just “a couple of exam papers”. It is a lot of hard work that culminates in an exam. That hard work is what determines your near future, not the test. Stop hiding behind bullshit reasons for simply being lazy. 

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    He looks so good now :O

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    He loves the rain..

    He loves the rain..